A boy of war, a man of letters (The Observer / Review, 31 Jan 2010, Page 7)

In some magazine’s obituary these days it said if you are lucky you read “A Catcher in the Rye” when you are in your adolescence. I was one of those who happened to be that lucky. Salinger’s book was probably the first one where I – at the age of sixteen or  seventeen – found  in the character of Holden Caulfield a protagonist who seemed to experience the world as I saw it. A world of an older generation “with no real people any more” where almost everything or everyone seemed to be “phoney”.

Looking back from today it is surely a view shared by members of every new generation, which explains that a novel written by someone who was born in 1919 could reach me in 1972 or so.

Please read the obituary from this Sunday’s Observer:

A boy of war, a man of letters

31 Jan 2010

Several years ago, here at the Observer, we described JD Salinger as a writer who “seems to understand children as no English-speaking writer has done since Lewis Carroll”, which sounds odd until you consider his career as a man, a writer, a literary…read more…

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