Premiere of Eastwood’s “Invictus” in London

guardian - invictus premiere - johannesburg“Invictus” had its premiere in London last week and will be released this Friday,  February 5th in the UK. German moviegoers have to wait until February 18th. You can already read quite a number of reviews and some general texts about the film, of course there’s also one at wikipedia on “Invictus”. There’s a link to the trailer in a privious post.

Here’s something to remind you that there is a lot to be found for improving your auditory comprehension on the internet. Listen to David Smith from The Guardian about “Invictus”:

Audio (5min 28sec), The Guardian,  16 Dec 2009: David Smith on new film of the Rugby World Cup, Invictus

Or just read David Smith’s (Guardian Africa correspondent) report on the movie’s premiere in Johannesburg. You’ll find a link to the audio file there, too.

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