History of the English Language

English Language from: http://www.krysstal.com/english.html

We had such a great introduction to the history of English by our student apprentice Lili (thanks again!), that I thought some of you would like to read more about it or repeat a few things. Here are three web sites I recommend to you:

This one tells about the history and origins of the English language and shows some maps.

Here you will find – among other information – lists of vocabulary added to English from Norwegian and Norman language. The diagram shown at the top of this post is also from this site.

And the last one I mention here (there are many more…) offers e.g. a comparison between stages of English by the example of the Lord’s prayer. This site also links to a lot more detailled material.

For those among you who like to watch and listen YouTube has to offer a lot about the history of the English language, for instance this BBC documentary which otherwise is hard to come by:

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