Naomi Klein writes about Gulf Oil Spill

The Guardian - Naomi Klein about the gulf oil spill

The Guardian - Naomi Klein about the gulf oil spill

The gulf oil desaster might very well be a topic for your “Zentral Abitur”. Independent from that you might want to be informed about it. So here I recommend a link to an article on the oil spill which is from today’s Guardian and the author is the famous Naomi Klein. Now I know that a lot of people – not only men – mix that name up with the one of a totally different person, so here some further details.

Naomi Klein is a Canadian author, mainly known for her engagement in matters of globalisation. Her most popular publications are “No Logo” and “The Shock Doctrine”. She also did a lot of reports on globalisation questions for tv. She is quite an impressive person and if you want to learn more about her start with the Wikipedia article or go to Naomi Klein’s own site.

The Guardian article is a full length feature article and gives of course Klein’s point of view. But if you followed the coverage of the oil spill during the last weeks, you will not find much to argue against her. The Guardian article has got a link to a short documentary film about the oil spill. Please find the time to watch it.

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