Political Speeches

Obama at memorial service TucsonPolitical speeches may very well be a topic of your “Abitur”. So watch out for more prominent ones if you wish to prepare yourself. It’s a good exercise anyway and the net offers a lot of resources.

Here are some suggestions from recent times: President Obama’s state of the union address, the transcript of which you can find on this site of the Ney York Times, or his memorial speech after the shootings in Tucson, Arizona, which you can find for example on this site of CBS news.


Best remembered perhaps is his inaugural address:

Lots of political speeches are available via YouTube. For having some fun watch this:


Palin after Tucson shootings

There is always some fun in listening to certain people, Sarah Palin for instance, you never know if you should get really angry or simply laugh. Take as an example the speech of the Alaska¬† governor accepting the Republican vice-presidential nomination in St. Paul on Sept. 3., the transcript of which you can find – along with a video – on this site of the New York Times. In regard to Obama’s reaction to the Tucson shootings it is sort of annoying to listen to Palin’s reaction. Watch and read a comment on what she had to say on this site of ABC news.


Remember that political speeches might come from fictional texts, especially a drama. Watch Marlon Brando’s famous performance in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar:


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