My first attempt to create a weblog with WordPress started some time ago.

I sort of paused the blog when my last courses reached their “Abitur” and found it difficult to start again and continue with the blog. I still hope that my students will find something useful here , when it comes to their repetition and learning sessions in the weeks before their examinations.

I am a teacher for English and Geography at Montessori-Gymnasium in Cologne. This blog is meant to be a support for my English classes, especially years 10, 11 and 12, now called EF, Q1 and Q2 in the poetic language of school administration.

The “YOU” in my posts will usually address my students. Of course everybody else is welcome here, especially  teachers for English as a foreign language.

Please contact me if you come across a dead link.

The pictures which I insert in my blog have their origin in the commons files of wikipedia, fotopedia, or are – rarely – my own photographs.  I hope I don’t violate any owner rights, please contact me if I overlooked anything.

I always have a careful look at the websites I link to. Nevertheless I am not responsible for the content of these sites, not to mention the content of sites which you can reach via a further link.