The Queen’s Jubilee

What better subject could I find to restart my blog for my students of English as a foreign language?

Monarchy is of course something special about our English neighbours, looking back on a long tradition and not unanimously accepted by every citizen in the UK.

And yes, it could be a topic in your examinations, […]

Political Speeches

Political speeches may very well be a topic of your “Abitur”. So watch out for more prominent ones if you wish to prepare yourself. It’s a good exercise anyway and the net offers a lot of resources.

Here are some suggestions from recent times: President Obama’s state of the union address, the transcript of which […]

Falling Man

Now that we start reading “Falling Man” by Don DeLillo and I began to look for interesting material connected with the novel I start to feel that the book was not such a bad choice after all. Still for an elementary course the narrative will bring some hard work, because often locations are switched without […]

History of the English Language

English Language from:

We had such a great introduction to the history of English by our student apprentice Lili (thanks again!), that I thought some of you would like to read more about it or repeat a few things. Here are three web sites I recommend to you:

This one tells about […]

British Empire – Resources

In class ( both 13 LK and GK) we are about to talk about the British Empire.

The texts I will use in class are excerpts from these web sites:

( History of Empire, its origin, theories)

(the role of planations for the economy of the Empire)

(about an important […]

Aspects of British English

In class ( year 13 LK) we talked about what it means to be British and what our associations and – of course – stereotypes are about “Britishness”.

One aspect we saw was that language, showing not only education but also a person’s belonging to a certain class in society, plays at least a bigger […]


I am looking forward to this movie which is announced for 2010, a specific date not yet given.

Charles Darwin was born in 1809 and his famous “On the Origin of Species” was published 1859. Darwin has changed our world view and the theory of evolution is – while widely accepted in the scientific world […]

A New Berlin Wall ?

This post I came across in a really interesting blog, which I would like to recommend to you. It offers you some new material on immigration in general and in particular on the Mexican-US-border (“The Tortilla Curtain” / T.C. Boyle) . At the same time it makes it easy for you to repeat some of […]

Peacekeeping – useful links

As an afterthought to my post about the Shake Hands with the Devil film here is a list of links which give you a lot of material to read about the topic of peacekeeping.

As a start you might want to visit the site of the United Nations dedicated to international peacekeeping. It provides you […]