Political Speeches

Political speeches may very well be a topic of your “Abitur”. So watch out for more prominent ones if you wish to prepare yourself. It’s a good exercise anyway and the net offers a lot of resources.

Here are some suggestions from recent times: President Obama’s state of the union address, the transcript of which […]

Aspects of British English

In class ( year 13 LK) we talked about what it means to be British and what our associations and – of course – stereotypes are about “Britishness”.

One aspect we saw was that language, showing not only education but also a person’s belonging to a certain class in society, plays at least a bigger […]

Peacekeeping – useful links

As an afterthought to my post about the Shake Hands with the Devil film here is a list of links which give you a lot of material to read about the topic of peacekeeping.

As a start you might want to visit the site of the United Nations dedicated to international peacekeeping. It provides you […]