What Thomas Friedman means when he says “The world is flat.”

On YouTube we can find a lot of useful clips which add information to what we discuss in class. The title of Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” seems to be confusing at first glance. Several interpretations apply. Listen to what the author has to say in this video. What do you think of what […]

to believe or not to believe …

For the ordinary person it still seems to be difficult to decide whether global warming is really happening or not.

Every now and then – but really not very often – something pops up which seems to speak against climate change caused by us humans: scientists mixing up some numbers so that the glaciers […]

Naomi Klein writes about Gulf Oil Spill

The Guardian – Naomi Klein about the gulf oil spill

The gulf oil desaster might very well be a topic for your “Zentral Abitur”. Independent from that you might want to be informed about it. So here I recommend a link to an article on the oil spill which is from today’s Guardian and […]

Aspects of British English

In class ( year 13 LK) we talked about what it means to be British and what our associations and – of course – stereotypes are about “Britishness”.

One aspect we saw was that language, showing not only education but also a person’s belonging to a certain class in society, plays at least a bigger […]

A Survivor’s Perspective

Here I would like you to visit a blog written by a (former?) student from Kenya, Africa, about “African stuff” as the author calls it. The link takes you to a post related to the genocide in Rwanda. It contains a link to a CBS video site by reporter Bob Simon who tells the story […]

Haiti Earthquake

Hopefully what happens in the wake of the terrible earthquake will show the positive side of globalization. Almost immediately after the catastrophy everybody could know about it anywhere in the world, because the world today is interconnected by the news media as well as on an individual level via the internet, mobil phones, satellites etc.


The End of Poverty

There is a great new documentary which hopefully will make it to our cinemas. As the headline of this post already suggests it’s about globalization and the question why – with all that wealth accumulating – is there still poverty?

Watch the trailer here:

If you go to the homepage of “The End of […]

A New Berlin Wall ?

This post I came across in a really interesting blog, which I would like to recommend to you. It offers you some new material on immigration in general and in particular on the Mexican-US-border (“The Tortilla Curtain” / T.C. Boyle) . At the same time it makes it easy for you to repeat some of […]

Copenhagen 2009, 30 Nov 2009. Pages 6 – 7

More info on global warming. Find out about emmissions since Kyoto.

Copenhagen 2009 30 Nov 2009


The Observer, 20 Dec 2009. Page 32

Read this comment from the Observer Sunday edition on the Copenhagen summit.

The Observer 20 Dec 2009