Margaret Atwood on ‘Brave New World’

One of my ‘Brave New World’ editions has a foreword by Margaret Atwood, who wrote for example “The Handmaid’s Tale“, another famous dystopian novel.

I looked it up and found it also in the Guardian so that you can find and read it there via this link. Reading it may give you (the students) a […]

Falling Man

Now that we start reading “Falling Man” by Don DeLillo and I began to look for interesting material connected with the novel I start to feel that the book was not such a bad choice after all. Still for an elementary course the narrative will bring some hard work, because often locations are switched without […]

Poems on the Underground

How do you spend your time waiting on the underground platforms or riding a subway train? In Britain starting 1986, following in idea by American writer Judith Chernaik, poems were displayed on the platform walls and inside the trains. The aim was to bring poetry to a wide range of people. What effect might […]

A New Berlin Wall ?

This post I came across in a really interesting blog, which I would like to recommend to you. It offers you some new material on immigration in general and in particular on the Mexican-US-border (“The Tortilla Curtain” / T.C. Boyle) . At the same time it makes it easy for you to repeat some of […]