Margaret Atwood on ‘Brave New World’

One of my ‘Brave New World’ editions has a foreword by Margaret Atwood, who wrote for example “The Handmaid’s Tale“, another famous dystopian novel.

I looked it up and found it also in the Guardian so that you can find and read it there via this link. Reading it may give you (the students) a […]

Falling Man

Now that we start reading “Falling Man” by Don DeLillo and I began to look for interesting material connected with the novel I start to feel that the book was not such a bad choice after all. Still for an elementary course the narrative will bring some hard work, because often locations are switched without […]

A New Berlin Wall ?

This post I came across in a really interesting blog, which I would like to recommend to you. It offers you some new material on immigration in general and in particular on the Mexican-US-border (“The Tortilla Curtain” / T.C. Boyle) . At the same time it makes it easy for you to repeat some of […]