What Thomas Friedman means when he says “The world is flat.”

On YouTube we can find a lot of useful clips which add information to what we discuss in class. The title of Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” seems to be confusing at first glance. Several interpretations apply. Listen to what the author has to say in this video. What do you think of what […]

The Queen’s Jubilee

What better subject could I find to restart my blog for my students of English as a foreign language?

Monarchy is of course something special about our English neighbours, looking back on a long tradition and not unanimously accepted by every citizen in the UK.

And yes, it could be a topic in your examinations, […]

Naomi Klein writes about Gulf Oil Spill

The Guardian – Naomi Klein about the gulf oil spill

The gulf oil desaster might very well be a topic for your “Zentral Abitur”. Independent from that you might want to be informed about it. So here I recommend a link to an article on the oil spill which is from today’s Guardian and […]

Aspects of British English

In class ( year 13 LK) we talked about what it means to be British and what our associations and – of course – stereotypes are about “Britishness”.

One aspect we saw was that language, showing not only education but also a person’s belonging to a certain class in society, plays at least a bigger […]

Premiere of Eastwood’s “Invictus” in London

“Invictus” had its premiere in London last week and will be released this Friday, February 5th in the UK. German moviegoers have to wait until February 18th. You can already read quite a number of reviews and some general texts about the film, of course there’s also one at wikipedia on “Invictus”. There’s a link […]


I am looking forward to this movie which is announced for 2010, a specific date not yet given.

Charles Darwin was born in 1809 and his famous “On the Origin of Species” was published 1859. Darwin has changed our world view and the theory of evolution is – while widely accepted in the scientific world […]

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Clint Eastwood’s new movie “Invictus”

I admire Eastwood as a director. His films (Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino etc.) are a MUST SEE.

“Invictus” is about Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa after the apartheid system had been overthrown. It is the true story of Mandela working with the captain of South Africa‚Äôs […]