to believe or not to believe …

For the ordinary person it still seems to be difficult to decide whether global warming is really happening or not.

Every now and then – but really not very often – something pops up which seems to speak against climate change caused by us humans: scientists mixing up some numbers so that the glaciers […]

Margaret Atwood on ‘Brave New World’

One of my ‘Brave New World’ editions has a foreword by Margaret Atwood, who wrote for example “The Handmaid’s Tale“, another famous dystopian novel.

I looked it up and found it also in the Guardian so that you can find and read it there via this link. Reading it may give you (the students) a […]

Naomi Klein writes about Gulf Oil Spill

The Guardian – Naomi Klein about the gulf oil spill

The gulf oil desaster might very well be a topic for your “Zentral Abitur”. Independent from that you might want to be informed about it. So here I recommend a link to an article on the oil spill which is from today’s Guardian and […]

History of the English Language

English Language from:

We had such a great introduction to the history of English by our student apprentice Lili (thanks again!), that I thought some of you would like to read more about it or repeat a few things. Here are three web sites I recommend to you:

This one tells about […]

British Empire – Resources

In class ( both 13 LK and GK) we are about to talk about the British Empire.

The texts I will use in class are excerpts from these web sites:

( History of Empire, its origin, theories)

(the role of planations for the economy of the Empire)

(about an important […]

A Survivor’s Perspective

Here I would like you to visit a blog written by a (former?) student from Kenya, Africa, about “African stuff” as the author calls it. The link takes you to a post related to the genocide in Rwanda. It contains a link to a CBS video site by reporter Bob Simon who tells the story […]

The End of Poverty

There is a great new documentary which hopefully will make it to our cinemas. As the headline of this post already suggests it’s about globalization and the question why – with all that wealth accumulating – is there still poverty?

Watch the trailer here:

If you go to the homepage of “The End of […]