I don’t like Mondays

You may have heard this song on the radio many times before, and perhaps – just like me – you just like to hear it because of the music, the tune etc., but you never really listened to its text. We just catch the line “I don’t like Mondays” and, we agree and stop paying […]

Political Speeches

Political speeches may very well be a topic of your “Abitur”. So watch out for more prominent ones if you wish to prepare yourself. It’s a good exercise anyway and the net offers a lot of resources.

Here are some suggestions from recent times: President Obama’s state of the union address, the transcript of which […]

A boy of war, a man of letters (The Observer / Review, 31 Jan 2010, Page 7)

In some magazine’s obituary these days it said if you are lucky you read “A Catcher in the Rye” when you are in your adolescence. I was one of those who happened to be that lucky. Salinger’s book was probably the first one where I – at the age of sixteen or seventeen […]

Robert B. Parker: A man of virtue and wit – The Boston Globe

Meet Robert B. Parker, one of my favourite authors of detective stories. He followed in the footsteps of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Ross MacDonald. All of which I discovered for myself when I was still in my last years at school. (I owe them a lot for what they did for my English!)

As […]

cloning and stem cell articles

Sorry – I did not want you to buy that issue of the Scientific American, so I have withdrawn it from the reading list, both for the LK and the GK.

Instead I have returned to my favourite newspaper, the Guardian. See this interactive guide about cloning and read “The decade we learned the language […]

The Observer – Escape, 03 Jan 2010. Pages 2 – 3

I wanted to share this article with everyone who went to Istanbul with us last year. Did you see, by the way, there is a new Merian magazine about Istanbul, too.

Escape 03 Jan 2010


Season's Greetings

To all of you:

Have nice holidays, spend Christmas with the ones you love and have a happy and successful new year !!!


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog ! This is quite a new matter for me so please be patient with me. I hope this will be fun and not turn out into too much work…

My idea is to use this blog for my English classes of year 12 and 13 at Montessori-Gymnasium in Cologne. This blog […]