This page contains reading lists and links to websites offering useful material for reference and exam preperation.

It is devided into 3 parts:  globalization in general (economy) / peacekeeping / climate change.

Globalization in general

Here is a list of books which I recommend both for students and teachers and which I have used for preparing my classes. Please note that I do not expect students to read all these books. But you should have an idea of who their authors are and what  positions and views they introduce in their work. And that is the main reason for this selection, because we have had excerpts from all these books in our class (refering to the LK 13 / abi 2010 students – so students of  the GK: do not feel intimidated!)

Otherwise my list of books and websites is in no way complete! So if you find something to recommend to the readers of this blog, please write a comment.

Selected reading:

Thomas L. Friedman: The World is Flat. London, 2006. (Penguin)

Jeffrey, D. Sachs: The End of Poverty. Economic Possibilities for our Time. London, 2005. (Penguin)

Manfred B. Steger: Globalization. A Very Short Introduction. New York, 2003. (Oxford University Press)

Naomi Klein: No Logo. New York, 2002. (Picador)

Ronal Aronica and Mtetwa Ramdoo: The World is Flat? A Critical Anylysis of Thomas L. Friedman’s New York Times Bestseller. Tampa, Florida, USA, 2006. (Meghan-Kiffer Press)

John Cavanagh and Jerry Mander (editors): Alternatives to Economic Globalization. A Better World is Possible. San Francisco, 2006.

Dambisa Moyo: Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is Another Way for Africa. London, 2009. (Penguin)

Now a selection of websites:

The Wikipedia article on globalization with a lot of additional links.

A comprehensive Time magazine article “The End of Poverty” by Jeffrey Sachs (see books above).

The site of the Global Policy Forum.

A site of the International Monetary Fund on globalization.

Look at the United Nations Cyberschoolbus site on globalization for more info and even more links.

A slide show about globalization 3.0 .

Watch and listen to Mr Friedman on YouTube lecturing about globalization 3.0.


As a start remember the sites and books mentioned in my post of 11th Dec, 2009.

to be continued…